California Shockwave



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Published regulatory guidelines prohibits shockwave therapy within 10 days of race 

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 CHRB Shockwave Machines and Shockwave Treatment Policies  The attached information is to clarify existing policies concerning Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) machine and ESWT treatments: All ESWT machines are to be registered with the official veterinarian responsible for the CHRB race track or training facility where the machine is used. Only CHRB licensed veterinarians are allowed to use ESWT machines within a CHRB racing inclosure. ESWT machines are not allowed in the stable area. All treatments are to be conducted in a designated area approved by the official veterinarian responsible for that CHRB race track or training facility. The treating veterinarian shall keep a log of all ESWT treatments. The log shall be available for inspection by the official veterinarian, Stewards or CHRB investigators. The log shall include the horse’s tattoo or other identifying information if the horse is not tattooed, the anatomical area treated and the number of pulses administered. All ESWT treatments are to be reported on a separate Veterinary Confidential form (CHRB-24) to the official veterinarian by 10:00AM the day following treatment. Horses treated with ESWT will be placed on the Veterinarian’s List for ESWT treatment for 10 days. The day after treatment is the first day on the Veterinarian’s List. The horse will be automatically removed from the Veterinarian’s List for ESWT on the 11th day. A horse on the Veterinarian’s List for multiple reasons must meet whatever criteria is required for removal for those other reasons.